Warranty Policy

Sixni sets the standard in the neon sign industry with our exceptional 24-month warranty that covers the full spectrum of our products, including all types of neon signage, associated accessories, toolkits, electrical components, and decorative flower walls. This comprehensive warranty ensures that every item is protected under the terms and conditions when used appropriately, providing our customers with assurance from the moment of purchase at sixni.com.

The warranty period commences on the date you receive your item(s), ensuring full coverage for 24 months. It’s important to note that the warranty requires that the power supply and all electrical components must be adequately shielded, preferably under a shed or suitable cover. Exposing these components to the elements without proper protection can lead to damage that not only affects functionality but also voids the warranty. Additionally, improper or faulty assembly of any part of the signage can lead to problems for which Sixni cannot be held responsible.

If any issues arise within the warranty period, Sixni is dedicated to providing prompt and effective support. We offer detailed troubleshooting assistance, free replacements if necessary, and further help to resolve any concerns swiftly, ensuring that your experience with our products remains positive and satisfactory.