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Our journey began in 2021 when we embarked on a quest to find unique and affordable neon signs for our spaces. Disappointed by the lack of options online – either exorbitantly priced or generic – we decided to take matters into our own hands.

Starting from our humble garage, what began as a side project quickly snowballed into something much larger. We found ourselves crafting bespoke neon signs not just for ourselves, but for a growing clientele. It wasn’t long before we realized we needed a dedicated team and a platform to handle the increasing demand. Thus, Sixni.com was born.

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Top 6 Hottest Open Neon Signs to Make Your Business Pop

When it comes to making a memorable impression for your business, having the right advertising sign is key. And there’s no better way to draw attention than with a stylish and eye-catching open neon sign. Not only do these signs make your business stand out, but they also create an inviting atmosphere for your customers. With the top 6 hottest Open Neon Signs, we’re sure to make your business pop. So, let’s dive in and discover which one is perfect for brightening your brand! Open LED neon sign light The Open LED Neon Sign Light from our store is one of the most [...]

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Top 04 benefits that neon gifts for mother’s day bring to you

Neon gifts are perfect for any occasion, from anniversary to graduations, making them an adaptable and distinctive present. They add a touch of glamor and style to any room, making them an excellent addition to any home or office decor. They are also a great view for our guests, and people are always curious to know more about the intricate design and glowing effect. Neon gifts for mother’s day are the perfect way to show someone you care. So why settle for a boring, ordinary gift when you can give the gift of neon? The popularity of neon gifts for special occasions Neon [...]

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04 applications & benefits of Custom neon signs with Names

Custom neon signs with names have several advantages that make them popular for businesses, events, home décor, and gifting. They leave a lasting impact, reflect thoughtfulness, and have various applications in branding, event decoration, personalization, and as meaningful gifts. Benefits and Advantages of Custom Neon Signs with Name Custom neon signs with names serve as personalized gifts, or a great decoration for indoor and outdoor use. First and foremost, these signs provide a personalized touch, allowing individuals and businesses to showcase their unique identity or brand. By customizing the sign with a specific name or message, it creates a sense of ownership and individuality. Name [...]

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Neon Signs Voltage: What is and why it matters

Neon signs have captivated our attention for decades, illuminating city streets and storefronts with their vibrant glow. But have you ever wondered how these mesmerizing signs come to life? The secret lies in the neon signs voltage—a critical factor that brings those enchanting colors to the forefront. This remarkable level of voltage is necessary to energize the neon gas within the signs, causing it to emit that distinctive luminous glow. In this article, we will delve deeper into the fascinating world of neon signs voltage, uncovering the principles behind their electrical magic. Understanding Neon Signs Voltage Neon Signs Voltage LED neon signs voltage refers [...]

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Inspiration And Guide for Bedroom Neon Lights

Transforming Bedrooms with Neon Magic Neon lights bring a burst of creativity and warmth into any space, making them the perfect addition to bedrooms seeking a touch of whimsy and character. Far from their traditional use in commercial signage, neon lights have found a beloved place in home decor, especially in creating personalized sanctuaries. Whether it’s for the playful imagination of children, the shared dreams of couples, or simply to add a splash of vibrancy to your personal retreat, neon signs offer endless possibilities to light up your world.

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